Pre Registration Form

Mail to:  Rev. David Cote, PO Box 372,  Limestone, ME  04750

PRE-REGISTRATION FOR VBC 2017  (due May 22nd)

 I want to register my child, ___________________________________________ who is in Grade ________ this year, to participate in the Vacation Bible Camp to be held at “Sanctuary” in Caswell from June 26th to June 30th, 2017.  I understand that this is a day camp, and that the children will be picked up at the St. Bruno-St. Remi Church parking lot at 9:00 A.M. and transported in private vehicles to Franck Road in Caswell.  They will be returned in the same manner by 5:00 P.M. to be picked up by a parent or by a person authorized in writing by the parent.

I further understand that once this pre-registration form is received, I will get a copy of the “Consent and Release from Liability” and “”Medical Information and Emergency Contact Information and Permission for Emergency Medical Treatment” forms.  These must be completed, signed and returned by May 22nd.

Our family will have ____________ adults and _________ children attending the Family Night on Friday, June 30th from 5:15 to about 7:00.

Parent/Guardian Signature: _______________________________________________

Mailing Address:  _________________________________________________________

Telephone(s):   ____________________________________________________________