Counseling Services

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker  (LC#399, Maine) who offers services to families and children.  I primarily counsel children with school-related difficulties, anxieties and depression, ADHD, and trauma-induced difficulties.  Ordinarily I first meet with a parent(s) or guardian and determine their view of the child’s difficulty.  At our first meeting, we also talk about the confidentiality that they and the child can expect, relations with other agencies such as school or community resources.  At that first meeting, I usually ask the parent or guardian to grant permission to discuss the child’s situation with the school and other agencies that may have worked with him or her, and to obtain relevant written records.  If the parents/guardian and I agree that I might be helpful in resolving the child’s and family’s difficulties, an appointment will be set up for the child, and counseling will begin.  Parents or legal guardians are kept apprised of developments in counseling, but the child does have confidentiality in order that trust can be established and that important issues can be discussed without the child worrying that everything will be relayed to parents or teachers.

Counseling sessions usually last about an hour, and occur once per week.  They may take place at my office in Van Buren, at home, or in another setting depending on what is most convenient for everyone concerned.

Generally, no charge is made for counseling services.

If you would like more information, please call me at 868-9895 or 325-4202 or e-mail me at