Our Volunteers and Supporters

This is our ninth year of Vacation Bible Camp.  It never would have happened without dozens of volunteers—our entire program is staffed by volunteers:  those who prepare the grounds, set up the facilities and take care of the maintenance during the week;  those who drive the kids here and back home; those who cook and serve the meals; the catechists who teach the Bible lessons; the recreation folks and games leaders; the arts and crafts teachers; the nurses and EMTs; and the ones who do all the paperwork and keep things in order.  To prepare and provide the VBC week for between 40 and 50 children over the past nine years takes about 60 volunteers each year–and we are tremendously grateful to all of them, and to the dozens of others who support us with their prayers.

The joyful atmosphere and generous attitude of each one of our volunteers is amazing–and their cheerful presence and loving service give a great message to our campers:  every kid knows that she or he is greatly valued, respected and cared about by all the adults who donates their time and talent to serve them.  During the Vacation Bible Camp week Sanctuary Caswell is truly a wonderful place!

We’re especially grateful to the St. Peter Chanel parishioners of Van Buren and Hamlin who make it all work.  Special thanks go to the members of the Van Buren Knights of Columbus, the Columbiettes, and the Daughters of Isabella who support us with their time, their  talent, and generous funding.  The program truly belongs to these volunteers who definitely “walk the walk” of service that is the hallmark of truly dedicated Christians.

A huge “thank you” goes out to all of them!!