In order to know as soon as possible how many children will be attending VBC 2017, we are asking parents and guardians to pre-register their child.  This is a sort of “yes, I’m really interested” step.  Once we receive your pre registration forms, we’ll send you the forms you’ll need to fill out to make sure that we have necessary medical information, and that you are aware of the procedures we follow with the children.    Some parents or guardians of the Van Buren children will have the material sent to them, but for others, here is the information:

Dear Parents,

            This year, from June 26th to June 30th, with about thirty adult volunteers on-site we will hold our eighth five-day Vacation Bible Camp at my place in Caswell.  The camp is open to all children in grades one through four, and there is no charge for this program.  If your child attended last year, you have a good idea of how the program works:  if not, the enclosed material will give you more information, and you might also want to talk to the parent of a child who attended last year.  All the adult volunteers have taken a seminar on preventing child abuse and have undergone a state of Maine background check to ensure the safety of your children. 

            There is, of course, no obligation of any kind for children who take part in this VBC week.  The program is designed for three purposes:  (1) to familiarize the children with the people and the stories of the Bible (about 90 minutes each day); (2) to develop a sense of community among the children, as well as with the adult volunteers; (3) to provide an opportunity to have fun together for a week through games, swimming and water activities, arts and crafts, hiking and other activities.  If you are interested in our Vacation Bible Camp, I have enclosed a pre-registration form that you can complete (please complete one form for each child) to ensure that a place is reserved for your child.  Please call me at 325-4202 or 868-9895 if you have any questions about the camp or any aspect of the program.  Once you have pre-registered your child, we’ll send you

            (1)  the “Consent and Release from Liability” form, which lets us know by your signature that you formally approve our guidelines.

            (2)  the “Medical Care Information and Permission for Emergency Medical Treatment”         form, which gives us medical information about your child and provides telephone numbers       for us in case there is an emergency. 

            To register your child for VBC, please complete and sign the pre-registration form and return it by May 22nd.  You may mail the form to me (Fr David Cote, PO Box 372, Limestone ME 04750) or give it to me in person at the church office.  When you return this form, I’ll send you the other forms that must be completed and signed before the child’s registration is completed.

            Each morning from June 26th to June 30th we will pick up the children at the church parking lot in Van Buren at 9:00.  After the day’s activities we’ll have them back by 5:00 to be met by you (or by an adult you approve). If you need other arrangements, please call me at the number listed above.  On Friday, June 30th we’ll have a family night—a cook-out, campfire and activities at the site for the children and their families beginning about 5:15.  It would be helpful if you could please indicate at the end of the enclosed registration form how many persons will attend the Friday cook-out from your family.  

            You are very welcome to visit us during the camp.  Please call ahead before you visit so that we can have someone ready to greet you and show you around.

            Directions:  Route 1-A to Libby Road (2 ¼ miles past Parent’s Tulsa store); turn left, follow Libby Road 1 ¾ miles to (gravel) Franck Rd.; turn left onto Franck Rd and drive one-half mile to the green camp.  

            This year our facilities will include four screened buildings for classes, arts and crafts and other activities; a highly supervised and fenced above-ground pool; swings and slides; volleyball and tetherball; over a mile of hiking trails; a large building for rainy-day group activities; and an area for food storage and preparation.    

           Thank you for your interest.


                                                                                                (Rev.) David P. Cote

Pre Registration Form